Clay Paky Alpha Wash 300

65.00 (ex btw) p.d.


  • Optical unit with extremely high luminous efficiency (20,500 lux [12°] at 5 m)
    CMY colour mixing + colour wheel (including CTO and CTB filters)
    Two linear frost effects on dedicated channels
    12.5° to 32° beam width using frost effects
    Wide quick pan and tilt movements
    Silent operation (“Silent Version” system supplied as standard)
    Extremely new design high performance electronics
    Italian-style design (patented)
    Eco-friendly: may be used instead of very much larger and more expensive spotlights
    Available in electronic and magnetic versions

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De Alpha Wash 300 is een compacte, lichtgewicht, stille 300 W washlight. Hij is makkelijk te installeren, extreem fel en kan iedere kleur creëren met ongekende kwaliteit. Twee Frost levels op toegewijde kanalen maken een uniforme kleur menging mogelijk, zelfs op korte afstanden.