DTS Scena 650/1000 MK2 FR Fresnel

10.00 (ex btw) p.d.


  • Optical group
    Fresnel Ø 150mm lens
    Focal adjustment with endless screws from 13° to 53°, giving precision movement on a double track
    Spherical reflector in polished and treated 99.9% aluminium
    Lamp holder
    GX9.5 lampholder for 650/1000 W lamps
    Extremely strong housing with aluminium edge profiles
    Frontal protection grille
    Boxed gel holder (with total elimination of parasite light)
    Reinforced bracket, with great increase in thickness
    Greater body size, with efficient internal ventilation labyrinth
    Easy lens access for dismantling and cleaning
    Power supply
    230V 50/60Hz

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De Scena 1000 Fresnel is een lamp die vaak gebruikt wordt in het theater als tegenlicht. Gebruik deze lamp om een groot vlak uit te lichten.