FFA 4004

50.00 (ex btw) p.d.


  • Power Rating: 4 x 600W 8 Ohms, 4 x 1000W 4 Ohms


    Gain: 32dB


    THD: Typical 0.05% 4 Ohm 1 kHZ THD+N


    Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz +-0.5dB


    Controls: 40 point potentiometer each channel, Power on switch


    Indicators: Signal green = -20dB, Signal yellow = -3dB, Red signal = clip, Signal red protect = over current, low AC mains or 3 sec. Mute on power up

    Load Protection: DC on output, side chain TCA clip limiter circuit

    Amplifier Protection: Short circuit, current overload, thermal shutdown, high frequency stability circuit

    Audio Inputs: Balanced Neutrik female XLR input connected Pin 1 – GND, Pin 2 – Hot +, Pin 3 – Cold -. XLR

    Audio Outputs: Neutrik speakon each channel.

    Channels 1 and 3 output speakon utilises 2+ and 2- connection to allow use of 4 core loudspeaker cable for bi amp loudspeaker system, e.g. stage monitor systems

    Power Requirement: 1 x Neutrik 20A powerCON connector. 1 x 16A 240 VAC Circuit. Power range 185V-240VAC

    System Cooling: High CFM 80mm fan with proportional signal speed control. Rear to front Airflow

    Dimensions: 19″ rack mount enclosure, H88mm x W483mm x D510mm. Depth includes integral rear rack mount support

    Weight: 9kg

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