Rane XP 2016

125.00 (ex btw) p.d.


  • XP 2016

    6 stereo input buses with 4 phono preamps, 2 mic/line preamps and 5 AUX line inputs.

    Switchable effects loop.

    Master and Booth outputs (booth output is master or cue switchable).

    Pre & Post effects tape output.

    Accelerated-Slope™ full-cut, 3-band tone controls.

    Master/cue headphone amplifier.

    RCA inputs, XLR mic/line inputs, 1/4″ effects loop, XLR and RCA outputs.

    Mic engage switch can duck the Booth outputs -12 dB (defeatable with internal jumpers).

    Uses RS1 external power supply with rear panel red RJ 12 power connector (looks like a telephone jack).

    “SIG/OL” lights – These dual color indicators provide help in setting correct input and outputs levels. A flashing green indication is optimal. The red indicator should remain off during normal operation.

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Rane XP 2016 is een mixer voor de echte liefhebbers, de mixer klinkt onwijs goed en is een genot om mee te draaien.