125.00 (ex btw) p.d.


    6 stereo channels with legendary Urei sound quality
    Individual L/R balance control on every channel
    Authentic and responsive rotary faders on all channels
    Channels 1 and 2 feature RCA phono inputs, allowing the easy integration of twin decks
    Auxes 1, 2, and 3 feature line level preamps, for direct connection of external sources
    Optional preamp cards allow auxes 1-4 to carry mic, line, or phono level inputs
    Aux 4 features a balanced XLR input for connection of mic level source
    5 extra aux inputs (A-E) can each be routed to auxes 1 to 4, giving unrivaled user flexibility
    Master booth and house outputs, each with a dedicated level control
    Master mono house output
    Master bass and treble controls give +/-10dB of sweetening on all main outputs
    Sophisticated headphone section can be fed from any of the 6 channels, or the main program output
    Front panel illuminated headphone socket with dedicated level control
    Dual stereo recording outputs
    Master send-and-return FX loop
    Internal engineer set-up controls
    Durable construction for total reliability
    3U 19" rackmounting format

    Frequency Response
    Headphone output: 20Hz-20kHz (+/-1.5dB)
    All other outputs: 20Hz-20kHz (+0/-1dB)

    Total Harmonic Distortion
    Balanced house output: <0.1%, 30Hz-20kHz, +20dBu, 10kOhms
    Unbalanced house output: <0.05%, 20Hz-20kHz, +20dBu, 10kOhms
    Booth output: <0.05%, 20Hz-20kHz, +20dBu, 10kOhms
    Tape & FX loop outputs: <0.05%, 20Hz-20kHz, +20dBu, 10kOhms
    Headphone output: <0.3%, 20Hz-20kHz, +20dBu, 200 ohm load

    Impedances (Input and Output) 
    Phono 1&2 input: 47kOhms
    Microphone input: optimized for 150-ohm sources
    Aux input: 10kOhm nominal
    FX loop input: 10kOhms
    Balanced house output: <50 ohms
    Unbalanced house output: 75 ohms
    Booth output: 75 ohms
    Headphone output: <50 ohms
    Mono output: 5kOhms
    Tape & FX loop outputs: 75 ohms

    Maximum Output Levels
    Balanced house output: +25dBu into 600 ohms
    Unbalanced house output: +20dBu into 600 ohms
    Booth output: +22dBu into 10kOhms
    Mono output: +14dBu into 5kOhms
    Tape & FX loop outputs: +22dBu into 10kOhms

    Power Supply
    Selectable 100-125/200-250V AC, 50/60Hz. Power consumption 20W max.

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De UREI 1620LE Rotary Mixer is een limited edition DJ mixer. De mixer is een heruitgave van de UREI 1620. Deze stond in de jaren 80 bekend om zijn geweldige klank.

De vernieuwde UREI 1620LE heeft hetzelfde retro design en is aangepast om gebruikt te worden met de huidige DJ gear.